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postheadericon Situation Yalinga

In the east of the Central African Republic, about 800 km from Bangui, can be found, what there is left over from the sub-prefecture Yalinga.

The town counted in 1985 almost 3500 inhabitants; today there stay not more than 350.

The town of Bria (170 km further in the east) became to the only administrative centre of the region.

The police station is situated here, but the staff is too much reduced, to allow it, to relocate the engagement also to Yalinga... particularly as the earth roads, which existed former between the two towns, are at the moment totally unusable: neglected since years, strongly damaged by the rain and the animals, overgrown by the vegetation...

The isolation of Yalinga is total and the invasions of strongly armed, professional poachers contribute to increase the insecurity and sclerotisation of the region.

The transport connection of the town occurs via small “Broussard” plane or via helicopter, the arrival via terrestrial path is impassable.

Telephone and flowing water are, of course, inexistent.

The only, classical communication medium is the radio.

The only hospital of the region is located in Bria and just disposes of a rudimental equipment.

The inhabitants of Yalinga come again upon life and hygienic conditions equal to those almost 100 years ago: no hospital, no school, no police station...

And though the region unites numerous trumps:

- a landscape that reaches from the savannah to the equatorial, dense rain forest,

- a land of high plateaus, whose altitude never exceeds the 900 m mark,

- numerous rivers, landscaped by rapids and impressive waterfalls,

- a magnificent forest, comparable to the Amazon forest, with a leaf canopy that rises more than 40 m up from the ground and a fantastic, botanic diversity (more than 200 species of trees have there been registered so far, not to mention the shrubs, the lianes, the flourishing plants...),

- an exceptional fauna (more than 200 species of mammals, more than 650 species of birds, from these at least 400 in the forest zone, more than 20 families of reptiles, to this there must be added the countless insects of all seizes and colours),

- a nature, for which the saddest human encroachment has been practically limited on the poaching.

These trumps are exactly those, which offer the best guaranties for the success of our project.



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