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postheadericon Pilot zone for the conservation of Yalinga



Dear friends,

The last journey to Bangui was crowned with success! We have finally received the so expected documents!

. the governmental decree for the classification of the region of Yalinga as a wildlife reserve Click here

. the government decree for the allocation of the administration of this reserve to the organisation Doli Click here

By the way, the generosity of our main partner, the cabinet of architects Inter-Art Etudes, allows us to operate on-site from upcoming September.

As you know, this project can only be committed to a claim of sustainable development by actively supporting the local population. Our first activities here are therefore of a specific character; we will:

. reopen a hospital (restoration of the building, bring some beds and educate the first health care...)

. reopen a school (bring some school furniture and books, education of the teachers...)

Our main goals, the protection of the elephants and the conservation of the exceptional vegetation and the wild fauna of the region, are certainly in the center of our interest:

. the first forest guards will be educated and equipped (cloths, bicycles, radios...)
. the exact census of the animals will complete the estimations of a formerly realised forecast
. the main roads will be reopened and equipped with important bridges; the grounds will be constructed

Since five years you have been fighting with us, to establish this project. We have now together overcome the first stage. We need you, to further “transform this essay”.

There will be containers provided for all donators, to collect material:

Hand tools (axes, saws, hammers and nails, screwdrivers and screws, gimlets, hand braces, screw nuts, scoops, mattocks, chain saws...), kitchen utensils, sewing machines with treadle drive, yarn and needles, but also bicycles, ropes, awnings, power units, colour and brushes, booklets, pencils and pens, books … are very welcome.

You and your friends can of course always support us with your donations and contributions, but you have also the possibility to engage yourself in future within a voluntary service according to your competences (construction, education, agriculture, health care). A program will be transmitted to you as soon as possible.

“I Gwé” (let's start)!


Bernard Noiret
Operating Director


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