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postheadericon Bernard Noiret is in Bangui

Bernard Noiret is in Bangui

Our operating director Bernard Noiret arrived, due to the project, on Wednesday, the 13th October with a veritable VIP welcome at the airport of Bangui.
He was welcomed with open arms...
Not less than 2 ministers and spokesmen of the embassy, one general, one colonel and one bodyguard waited for his arrival...

Bernard Noiret, now on-site, can start to finish the administrative proceedings for the establishment of the organisation.

In fact:
- the formalities for the registration of the cars,
- the payment of duty for the material and the containers, which will arrive within 24 hours in DOUALA (Cameroon).

Because these containers are filled up with essential material, to start with the work, at that basic utensils (scoops, mattocks and others) they also transport the most necessary things for the school (painting utensils, booklets and pencils), but also heavy material (two Marmont vehicles, one 4x4 Pajero, one ambulance and medical beds).

The two Marmont vehicles will be transported 1.500 km from DOUALA (Cameroon) to BANGUI (C.A.R.) by 4 driver mechanics and Bernard Noiret, for the upcoming reopening of the roads in Yalinga...


4x4 Pajero



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