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postheadericon Travel in R.C.A. from18 to 26 March 2014

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From March 18 to 26, 2014, Dr. Guy Tranain, Vice President of Doli, went for 8 days to Bangui to meet, among others, local authorities and thus expedite the finalization of our national park management project Mbaéré Bodingué.

With the help and involvement of Colonel Nambou including logistics and security, he was able to meet with key people and give them complete applications that we had prepared for DOLI project. Guy Tranain returned at once delighted her meetings but also upset by the state of the country and the current living conditions of the populations. A few weeks after his return, we finally receive the official document of the Ministry.

An even greater mobilization is urgently needed to protect natural areas and animals of Central Africa. The daily news shows the urgency for the people, but also for the wildlife that carry each day a little more, the scars of violent conflicts in the country. We look forward to continue the work already begun

The National Park Mbaéré Bodingué + 33 km.
trails to reopen frequented by forest elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and other antelopes.


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