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Doli to the discovery of a primary forest park in CAR: Bodingué-Mbaéré park.

This month-long expedition allowed the Doli association to a state of affairs of Bodingué-Mbaéré park. The aim being to request the allocation to the Central African government to protect the area and ask its ranking wilderness.

This mission allowed to go directly to the meeting of Central African Pygmies and working to preserve their traditions, struggling to protect their heritage and attempt to convince the utility to preserve an exceptional area for the good of humanity.

The shipment of this small group of men on a single area of ​​primary forest provides, in all humility, to discover populations, lifestyles, cultures and it makes sense to explore the situation more General wilderness areas today. It approaches the problem from a human point of view but also cultural.

Doli Association for the Protection of Bodingué-Mbaéré park and its wildlife

Bernard Noiret: COO

Colonel André-Marie Nambou: Technical and Operational - Assistant


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