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postheadericon Economic Situation in the C.A.R.


The Central African Republic (C.A.R.) is a country bigger than France (more than 620.000 km²), surrounded in the center of the continent from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaire), the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, the Chad and the Sudan.

Under the equatorial climate, from which the whole country benefits, the dry season reaches from November to Mai.

The geographical distribution of the 3,5 millions of inhabitants leaves immense territories in the centre and the east of the country practically as desert.

Apart from the population who gathers around the capital Bangui (30 % of the whole population), the most populated ares are of course those, which are blessed with the most, easily accessible natural resources (diamonds, gold, various ores, cotton, coffee... and, of course, exotic woods). The official language today is French, but the Sango is very present as the national language.

The Christianity had much more influence on the country than the Islam, but there can't be registered any religious fundamentalism. 80 % of the population draw their subsistence out of agriculture and stock farming (cattle, goats, sheep, poultry...), and use mostly still very rudimental techniques.

A little history: 1855: the French expeditions opened the roads from the Chad and the Nil 1889: opening of the first post office in Bangui 1905: foundation of Oubangui Chari, which was annexed to the AEF (French Equatorial Africa) in 1910 1985: Oubangui Chira became to the Central African Republic 1969: the C.A.R. became independent.



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