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postheadericon The Goals

This international organisation has as its aim:

The protection of elephants, the conservation of the wild fauna in Africa.

Michel SALLE, minister for water, hunt and fishery and Bernard Noiret
Signing of protocols and authorisations Bangui, 6th August 2004 (photo)

To obtain the official permission of the Central African government and to win the (interested) collaboration with the population of Yalinga, the objectives of the organisation were defined as:

- concrete (down-to-earth seen)

- practicable with easy means, reliable and little costly

- ecologically sustainable, economic and social

The organisation has therefore decided, to create in the surroundings of Yalinga a wildlife reserve.

Although this reserve is primarily dedicated to the protection of the elephants, its creation also allows:

- the protection of all species of animals, living in this territory (hippos, Derby elks, buffaloes, bongos, antelopes, lions, leopards, etc.)

- to rehabilitate the natural balance of the species after the abolishment of the poaching

- to secure sustainably the region

- finally the introduction of a responsible tourism and to “vivify” this sector.

But, to achieve these goals, it will be necessary to start:

- to free Yalinga out of the isolation (reopening of the streets, starting with the one of Bria),

- to equip the granted area (opening of the connecting roads, construction of bridges, embankment dams and grounds, acquisition and equipment of salines, etc.),

- to equip a veterinary centre,

- to construct a scientific research station,

- to employ and to train new staff,

- etc.

Each of these points must generate a new activity and participate in the sustainable economic development of the region.

A Chinese proverb says that it is better to learn someone how to fish than to give him a fish.

The organisation attaches importance to introduce a viable system, a capable structure, to finance in a relatively short time on a local development level an economic activity, adapted to the nature of the country.

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